Hoops for Hope Tournament 2019

I wanted to thank everyone that volunteered numerous hours to make our Hoops for Hope tournament successful.  Many hours go into putting the schedule together, setting up the gym, cleaning the gym, running concession stand and admissions.  Thank you again for all of your hard work!  

I also want to thank all the coaches and players that participated in the tournament and fans that attended the games.  There were so many great games!  

As a result, we were able to raise $15,000 after expenses.  This will be split 3 ways: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The Isabel Homem Memorial College Scholarship Fund and the Fameli Family.  

This is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Be thankful for what we have and the opportunity to help each other.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Manny Homem